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Punjabi Women's Writing Group 

The Punjabi Women's Writing Group was established in 2018 with a dedication to Punjabi Women residing in Wolverhampton and the West Midlands area. The group meets on Zoom on a chosen day in the last week of every month. There is no specific meeting time because members are not available for a timed slot. However, the details are communicated in advance via the WhatsApp group. For more information about the Punjabi Women's Writing Group, don't hesitate to get in touch with Kuli Kohli (Group Leader).

All women of South Asian heritage living in the West Midlands are welcome to join the group.

Over the last five years, the group has conducted successful writing workshops and local performances in Wolverhampton Libraries, Wolverhampton Literature Festival and Ironbridge. These events have sparked a lot of interest. Recently, the group has been commissioned by Creative Black Country, Creative Connections to produce a poetry anthology titled ‘Apni Prithvi Sadda Kal’ (Our Planet Our Tomorrow) with community members around the West Midlands. This anthology focuses on global warming and recycling. For more information, please contact the organiser via email: punjabiwomenswritinggroup@outlook.com or kuli.kohli@hotmail.co.uk

The workshops' layout is informal and relaxed. The meetings usually commence with a discussion about what members have seen and done over the month. The group then looks at poems, pictures, and stories that inspire writing. The members then spend some time writing, and at the end, those who wish to share their work can do so. The group gives constructive and positive feedback to help improve the participants' writing skills.

‘Apni Prithvi - Sadda Kal’ (Our Planet – Our Tomorrow)


Peacock Feather Press

To obtain a copy, please contact Kuli Kohli and we will send it to you for £5 (excluding postage and packaging).


The environment is constantly changing, with increasing natural disasters, warming and cooling periods, and different types of weather patterns. It's crucial to be aware of the issues that are causing these changes. To help people contribute to saving our planet, the Punjabi Women's Writing Group was commissioned to work across the Black Country and provide guidance and examples through their poetry.

This anthology builds on the contributions of the Punjabi Women's Writing Group to the online initiative "Dear Tomorrow," which encourages people to take bold actions by writing poems, letters, and creating art that promises to take action to create a safe and stable climate for future generations. The following quote summarizes the passion for the project:

“I want you to watch the sunset and feel hope for your tomorrow.”

“I want you to witness the massive changes we made as a society to protect you and this precious planet.” #deartomorrow 

‘Apni Prithvi Sadda Kal’ (Our Planet Our Future) is the title of this anthology and a mantra that was used during the six workshops held in the Black Country region of the West Midlands. Approximately 65 people from various socio-economic backgrounds across all age groups attended these workshops and embraced diversity and its rich culture. Several languages were spoken during the workshop process, and there was fun and laughter as stories were told. Many ideas were shared on the changes we can make, inspiring the writing process.

Forty individuals have contributed to the compilation of this unique poetry anthology. They all have one common aim: to see planet earth become a better place. The Punjabi Women’s Writing Group would like to extend their gratitude to Creative Black Country for commissioining this project and to everyone who attended the workshops and contributed by writing poetry and prose on this crucial subject of climate change and recycling starting from your own home.


Thank you to our regular members and performers: 

  • Kuli Kohli - Group Leader
  • Santosh K Dary
  • Priyanka Joshi
  • Parveen Brigue
  • Nirmal Orjally
  • Kirti Patel
  • Kom Achall - Our Artist & Photographer

Sangat TV invited Kuli Kohli & Santosh K Dary to talk about the Punjabi Women's Writing Group.  


In our March 2022 session, we invited Simon Fletcher to lead our writing session on cross-cultural writing and building bridges with our writing and poetry.


Punjabi Women's Writing Group as Community Champions delivered two workshops in Bantock Park in Wolverhampton to raise awareness of the importance of getting the Covid-19 vaccines. These workshops were delivered with enthusiasm in multi-lingual Asian and English languages. They were enjoyable sessions.

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