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Thank you to our regular members and performers: 

  • Kuli Kohli - Group Leader
  • Santosh K Dary
  • Priyanka Joshi
  • Parveen Brigue
  • Nirmal Orjally
  • Kirti Patel
  • Kom Achall - Our Artist & Photographer

Punjabi Women's Writing Group 

All women of South Asian heritage are welcome to join us, especially if you live in the West Midlands.

The Punjabi Women's Writing Group was set up in May/June 2018.  This writers group is dedicated to Punjabi Women in Wolverhampton, which I run on the last Wednesday of the month (5:15 - 6:45pm) at Wolverhampton Central Library on Snow Hill. Over the last three years we have had successful writing workshops and local performances in Wolverhampton and Ironbridge that have sparked up a lot of interest.  For more information about the Punjabi Women's Writing Group please contact me on email: punjabiwomenswritinggroup@outlook.com 

Sangat TV invited Kuli Kohli & Santosh K Dary to talk about the Punjabi Women's Writing Group.  


In our March 2022 session, we invited Simon Fletcher to lead our writing session on cross-cultural writing and building bridges with our writing and poetry.


Punjabi Women's Writing Group as Community Champions delivered two workshops in Bantock Park in Wolverhampton to raise awareness of the importance of getting the Covid-19 vaccines. These workshops were delivered with enthusiasm in multi-lingual Asian and English languages. They were enjoyable sessions.

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